Radio Broadcast of Dr. R. Kalaikkovan – ‘ADAVALLAN’

This is one of the Radio broadcasts of Dr. R. Kalaikkovan, Founder, Dr. M. Rajamanikkanar Centre for Historical Research, Thiruchirapalli (broadcasted approximately 30 years ago), titled ‘ADAVALLAN’. The language of the Broadcast is Tamil. In the Speech, he has dealt with the history of transformation or elevation of Shiva as the Lord of Dance, capturing the baton from other deities.

The 30 minute address, is by itself an extensive research on Adavallan. Like all other Talks by Dr. Kalaikkovan, this one is also a treasure trove of Facts and Evidences. Dr. Kalaikkovan makes the listener travel in a time machine, with his evidences on Dance, Dancers, Instrumentalists and Deities, besides the evolution of the Dance of Shiva into the ultimate ‘Ananda Thandavam’, in the 10th century Tamil Iconography. The varied literary, sculptural and historical evidences from Thamizhagam, as provided by the Speaker, cover a very long span of more than 1000 years- Sangam period to Chola renaissance.

I have converted the Radio Broadcast into a Documentary, with pictures of sculptures from Tamil Temples, that relate to the thoughts of the Speaker.

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