An Award and a Reputed Platform to share my Research

The research article that I wrote, as inspired by a 30-year old Radio Broadcast of Dr. R. Kalaikkovan, Founder, Dr. M. Rajamanikkanar Centre for Historical Research, Thiruchirapalli, titled ‘ADAVALLAN’, was published in the last post. (Iconographic Representation of Adavallan/Dancing Shiva inspired by Karaikkal Ammai’s Poetry)

It is with great pride and humility, I’d like to share that the Tamil version of this article fetched me the prestigious Dr. Subramaniam Palaniyandi Endowment Award for Best Researcher- 2022, annually presented by Dr. M. Rajamanikkanar Centre for Historical Research, Thiruchirapalli.

I also had the honour to deliver the Endowment Lecture instituted, in the name of Revered Archeologist Professor K.R. Srinivasan, by the Respected Epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan.

It was a rare honour to be associated, though indirectly, with such Four Imminient Personalities of Tamil History- Scholor and Historian Dr.M. Rajamanikkanar, Archeologist K.R. Srinivasan, Epigraphist Iravatham Mahadevan, and Historian and Epigraphist Dr. R. Kalaikkovan, through this Endowment Lecture.

The Virtual Programme was conducted jointly by Dr.M. Rajamanikkanar Centre for Historical Research and Melai Sivapuri Valluvar Mandram on 23rd January 2022. My sincere thanks to both the Institutions.

I spoke on the title – ‘காரைக்கால் அம்மையார் பாடல்களில் காணப்பெறும் ஆடவல்லானின் படிமவியல் கூறுகள்’ (kaaraikkal ammaiyaar paadalkalil kaanapperum aadavallaanin padimaviyal koorugal). It is the Tamil version of ‘ICONOGRAPHIC REPRESENTATION OF ADAVALLAN/DANCING SHIVA INSPIRED BY KARAIKKAL AMMAI’S POETRY’.

The Youtube Video of this event is provided below.

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